WellCheck started out as just an idea: to help people with mental health conditions regularly check in with friends and family. They came to Martian Labs to bring it to life as an app.


Martian Labs worked with the minds behind WellCheck to further develop the concept, as well as positioning, brand strategy, and the app itself. The project included branding and identity exploration, website and app development, UI/UX, copywriting, and sales assets.


WellCheck found that loneliness plagues more than 3 in 5 Americans. When left unchecked, loneliness can lead to more serious problems like depression, or even suicide. By providing a simple daily interaction, WellCheck can help to combat loneliness and will alert friends and family if users aren’t doing too well.

For this reason, Martian positioned WellCheck as the go-to, frictionless platform for users to keep their mental health in check. This was reflected in all WellCheck messaging and visuals, from effortless, peaceful copy to tranquil design.



Header Font


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A a B b Cc D d E e F f G g H h I i J j K k Ll M m N n O o Pp Q q R r S sTt U u V vW w X x Y y Z z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ! “ § $ % & / ( ) = |{} [ ] fi fl


WellCheck’s brand identity needed to feel welcoming to people suffering from mental health issues. We chose a cheerful yet subdued color palette, easy-to-read an approachable fonts, and a logo to embody all these characteristics with a whimsical check mark.



Martian  brought  WellCheck’s  mission  to  fruition  by constructing  its  website. From copy to design to development, we created a platform for  WellCheck  to educate  visitors  about  its  vast  services,  employing  them to   care   for   themselves   by   downloading   the   app.   It   was   imperative that both the original copy and design be easily digestible and friendly so visitors could feel welcomed and empowered to take charge of their mental health through WellCheck’s services.

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