Your business isn’t your brand.

Your brand is your business.

It’s what customers think of when they hear your name. The thing that pulls everything you do together. The sun it all orbits.

Brands are what we do.

Your brand needs to tell a clear story that sounds amazing, looks better, and is 100% unique to you. It needs to make you make sense. That’s where we come in. Before we get into what a brand is,

Here's what a brand isn't:

martian labs planets logo symbol
A logo
A tagline
Some pantone codes
A thing that costs
$900,000 and requires 8
months, four focus
groups, and six interns in
every meeting you’re
pretty sure are only there
to look impressive.
Only for B2C
What a web design
company does
What your nephew
does (probably)
Going to require you to
maintain an Instagram
3 dots - martian colors

Wait, before we talk about what we do—we create powerful brands, you get it—let’s explore how we do it.

We do it like this:

We don’t just get to know you, we workshop till we understand you

Trust us, our workshops are different. We break down every aspect of who you are, what your buyers want, where you want to go, and how we can get you there.

We work with creatives that work with big companies and agencies

This is the type of talent startups and B2B businesses usually don’t have access to, but we’ve pioneered a different way of working that has elite creatives there at every step.

We do the whole of your brand at once

Everything from your positioning to your visual ID to your website to whatever else you need. It’s all part of one complete vision, created together so everything is telling the same story: yours.

We lied. Exactly what we do is coming next, but we need to explain why we do it.

We do it because no one else is. Martian was founded by founders, people who’d been at the exact inflection point you might be at if you’re reading this.

We needed one shop that did this incredibly rare, special thing: propel a business to the next level with a unique, holistic, powerful, modern, creative brand.

That didn’t exist. So we made it exist.

That’s the big idea. The important one. Everything that comes next—all the services we actually do—we do to fulfill that mission



Here’s what that entails: (finally)

Discovery Workshop

Buyer Personas
Value Prop Discovery
Brand Attributes
Competitive Analysis

Brand Positioning

Brand core
  • Mission
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Values
Brand Story
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Value Propositions

Visual Branding

Brand colors
Icon style
Illustration style
Branding Guide


  • Site map / structure
  • Lead-driven CTAs
  • Full site copy clearly communicating value propositions in brand tone
  • Custom illustration / iconography
Full Webflow Development
  • Custom animation
  • 3D animation
  • CMS integration
  • On- and off-page

The loose ends

Technical/data sheets
Sales decks
Business cards